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Trolley Locomotive(ZK)


1. The trolley locomotive is driven by current coming from traction converter, which uses overhead lines as a bridge.
2. Excellent speed control and high starting motion and braking performance.

3. Advantages of alternating current trolley locomotive over direct current trolley locomotive
(1) Much less risk of getting damaged.
(2) Speed controller without contact terminal.
(3) No use of high energy consumption resistance.
(4) Little maintenance requirement.

4. Trolley Locomotive(ZK) body
(1) Adopt highly advanced technology.
(2) Made of super-thick steel plate.
(3) Practical for use, tough and robust.

5. Driver’s chamber layout, three options provided. It could be in one end, in the middle or on two ends.
6. Speed controller with two types of structure, one piece structure and independent parts combined structure.

1. Mechanical parts: chassis, traveling mechanism, braking mechanism, sand spraying mechanism and driver chamber, etc.
2. Electrical parts: speed controller, bow collector, etc.

electric motor, headlamp, braking resistance, automatic switch and direct-current differential transformer are all accompanying products with security marks.

1. Adopts three phase squirrel-cage asynchronous motor and BPT series frequency converter. It is reliable, replacing the backward direct current motor and resistance speed controller, leading domestic energy saving products.

2. BPT series frequency converter
(1) We produced BPT series frequency converter by adopting the internationally advanced DTC (Direct Torque Control) frequency converter technology, whole set original imported control circuit and IGBT module element.
(2) DTC control technology, making the trolley locomotive robust: ① Completely enable the three phase squirrel-cage asynchronous motor reach and even beyond the starting torque of the direct current motor. ② Maximum torque triples of the nominal.
(3) Precise and continuously speed changing: lowest adjustable frequency could be 0.1 Hz, lowest wheel rotating speed could be 1r/min.
(4) Speed-limit setting possible: even works when driving down slope, which overcomes the inertial motion.
(5) Speed controller automatically lock the speed output if the frequency converter’s temperature beyond 85℃.
(6) Speed controller protective functions on electric motor short circuit, phase loss, overvoltage and undervoltage.
(7) Speed controller quality certificate and patent
① National mining electric equipment quality certificate No. 1010087.
② national patent No. ZL99253425.9.

Working Principle
(1) The traction converter converts the alternating current of the high voltage.
(2) Connect the positive pole of the converted voltage with the overhead lines and the negative with the rail track.
(3) Electric current coming from the traction converter goes to the overhead lines.
(4) The bow collector, which connects with the overhead lines, leads the electric current into the trolley locomotive.
(5) Then by automatic switches, controllers and the resistance box, electric current goes into the traction motor.
(6) The traction motor put the wheels in motion.
(7) Lastly the electric current released by the motor returns to the traction converter.
New Model: CJY3/6,7,9G250
Original Model: ZK3-6,7,9/250-2 trolley locomotive
No. Item Unit Numerical Value
1 Track Gauge mm 600 762 900
2 Width mm 944 1106 1244
3 Length mm 2750
4 Height mm 1550
5 Axle Gauge mm 850
6 Viscosity t 3
7 Voltage v 250
8 Current Hourly A 63
9 Power KW 6.5×2
10 Radius of Curvature mm 6000
11 Speed Km/h 7.5

1. Checking site should be fixed and specialized.
2. Only the professional in charge of this trolley locomotive’s inspection can carry out this inspection.
3. Nobody should be around during the maintenance.
4. Power off before maintenance.
The below are the main maintenance points: (lea más)
Main Maintenance Notes
1. It is normal for the Panel light to turn red (warning) when the speed controller becomes powered up.
2. Several seconds later when the red light is substituted by a yellow light (prepare), move the operating stick to the needed direction (forward or backward). Then green light (running) will turn on and some sounds will be heard, this is normal.
3. When turning operating stick anti-clockwise to reduce speed, it is normal to hear the brakes working.
4. After turning the operating stick to the zero position, the next direction should only be made when the trolley locomotive’s wheels totally motionless.
5. Frequency converter would stop the trolley locomotive to protect it. Warning red light would turn on. You can restart the trolley locomotive by clicking the reset button. If it won’t work, meaning something is wrong with the frequency converter. Our qualified and professional personnel can offer you help.

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